Social Media Marketing

Crafting a niche to promote your business online

We at DigiBrood believe in offering you with the best digital marketing solutions, thus making us your go-to option for all your marketing needs. We offer you with licensed experts who work towards offering you a plethora of services that can help build your online presence. We use a result-oriented approach for our social media marketing services and ensure maximum satisfaction at affordable rates.


Our Media Marketing Services Help Improve Your SEO Results

We leverage our social media tactics to offer SEO benefits. Our professionals work towards creating a strategy to help promote your business. They following certain standard operation procedures to ensure that the content produced on social media is relevant and it attracts more relevant traffic towards your site. They work on continuously creating fresh content to create a greater audience hold.

We are also determined to offer you with quality content to help you get a better brand awareness and to increase the number of positive mentions. We offer our services based on tested algorithms that are sure to offer the highest customer satisfaction for your business. We also work on tailoring the messages on various social media platforms to offer the maximum success rate.

We also help to build your social presence based on three relation-building levels that includes strategic partners, brand advocates and organic influencers.

One of the main benefits of hiring us for your social media marketing is that we offer you with high-quality content that helps to build a strong foundation online. We carry out extensive research on the market strategies and use various analytics to offer the maximum impact. We combine SEO strategies, c0ntent marketing and social media platforms to circulate traffic to your primary site.

As one of the top digital marketing companies in Kolkata our main aim is to help you improve your brand awareness and to help improve your return on investment. So, the main strategy we follow while offering you with a solution for your target audience including presenting, educating, entertaining and connecting with your potential clients.

Strategies We Follow To Offer You With The Best Social Media Marketing Solutions

We are a full-service digital marketing company and we follow different strategies to build customized ads that can help bring in more leads. We offer engaging contents and visuals along with quality customer service to help optimize your social channels and thus attract a higher organic traffic. We help you gain loyal brand promoters and help convert your leads into customers.

We Select A Course-Of-Action And Stick To It

We carry out an extensive market research and also keep an eye out for your competitors. We are a social media marketing company that works by creating goals that align with your business objectives. We create time-bound and relevant goals to help attain real business results. We work by looking at the different social media marketing metrics to get a better understanding of the progress attained from our strategies. Our main focus as a social media marketing agency is on the conversion rates, the click-through rates and the amount of engagement. We make sure that all our social media marketing strategies align with the various marketing objectives of your establishment.

We Get A Better Understanding Of Your Targeted Audience

Our professionals offering social media marketing services gathered the required information on your targeted audience based in your niche. They offer you with the best and tested strategies based on the location, industry and interests. They help serve the real needs of the visitors to engage them on social media platforms.

We Conduct Competition Analysis

To create a better social media presence we carry out competitive analysis to get a better idea of your competition online. Conducting an extensive research helps us get a better understanding of the different social media marketing strategies that are working for your competitors. It also offers an opportunity to build on them and become a dominant player in the industry. Our social media services helps to outrun the competition by serving the undeserved audience.

We Carry Out Social Media Audits

Our experts for social media marketing create strategies that help to provide a clear picture of the purpose of the different social media accounts. We list down various questions that helps us get a better idea of your audience and how they can get benefited by your services. Our auditing helps to categorize the different digital marketing strategies and get a better understanding on which ones are working and which ones are not. The audit also helps to get an insight on the different strategies used by competitors and how they work for them. This helps us improve our strategies and offer a better return for your investments.

We Help Set Up Your Social Media Profile

As a part of our digital marketing strategy we work towards setting up your social media account. We follow a step-by-step procedure and create a solid framework to help create a better social media presence. Our main goal is to help make your profile easily recognizable. So, we add consistent branding and also include various top-ranking keywords in the content.

We Work Based On A Social Media Content Calendar

Our main social media strategy is to create a calendar that accounts for the time that your site spends interacting with customers. We plan out all the social media activities that ranges from images, re-shares to link sharing.

Social Media Content Creation

As one of the most essential aspects of our social media marketing campaign we take up social media content creation. Our professionals are experienced in the field and have the required expertise to create captivating content that holds the audience's attention. As one of the top social media marketing company in Kolkata we have the required amount of patience, creativity and knowledge to compose high-quality content.

We create an extremely informative and relevant atmosphere for social media marketing. We ensure that your audience is provided with eye-catching information that can help them overcome obstacles or fill in voids. We offer your clients with industry-specific information so that they can rely and trust on you.

As an essential part of successful social media content creation we include carefully-crafted CTAs. These act as an essential tool for your buyers and helps to induce higher sales. We also use clear indications for social media advertising to ensure that your business can have a stronger online presence.

Our social media management experts use well-timed CTAs , industry-relevant information and simple and understandable language to offer better results.

As a part of our media marketing strategy we bring forward the story of your company. Our main goal is to ensure that your consumers get a better idea of your business and how they can be benefited by opting for your services. We create captivating contents to help your reputation proceed you.

We help you create a better brand image and engage more consumers by creating contents in multiple mediums. Depending on your targeted audience we offer various snippets and podcasts for social media marketing to improve your overall engagement level of contents.

We Believe In Offering You The Best Social Media Management And Marketing Services

Our professionals offering you with a social media marketing framework work to gain a better knowledge of your establishment and your targeted audience. It also carry out the required competition analysis to give you a better idea about your competitors.

Our social media management team is trained to offer you with the best customer acquisition rate. They work to build trust among your consumers by offering the required answers to various questions and by offering valuable content. With the extensive research carried out by our professionals you can be sure to offer your audience with information that resonates their specific requirements.

We start by defining a goal to ensure that our social media marketing tactics suffice your requirements. We look at various metrics that includes engagement of the different posts, the engagement of the live videos and the number of visitors.

One of the key goals achieved by our social media marketing professionals is increasing brand awareness. We also analyse various metrics to ensure that your business has a higher ranking in the search engines.

As one of the top social media marketing company in Kolkata we gather a deep understanding of your requirements and choose the right social media platforms to improve your reach online.

We use two metrics to determine the social media platform that attracts clients towards your business. The two key areas that we focus on includes the network demographics and the reciprocity across the various social media platforms.

Facebook, twitter, Instagram, pinterest , LinkedIn and YouTube are some of the most common social media platforms that we use to promote your establishment.

Digibrood is one of the most established social media marketing companies in Kolkata that ensures to offer updated contents on a regular basis to ensure that you can always stay ahead of your clients based on quality and quantity. Our main focus is to create content that will engaged the targeted audience.

As a part of our social media marketing and management services we also create questionnaires that can help get a better understanding on your clients requirements.

Our experts working on your social media marketing believe that it is not only about publishing content but also helping to establish your business as a leader. They offer you with different tactics so that the prospect may engage into your content further and finally make a purchase.

Measuring the success rate of our social media marketing tactics is the final component of our social media marketing plan. Once we have helped you with social media advertising and social media marketing we use different metrics to measure the success rates.

The three main areas that we consider while checking the success rates of our efforts includes the conversions, reach and engagement


We offer you with a social media marketing dashboard that can help you determine whether or not the current strategies are driving the required amount of sales from the social media platforms.


As one of the best digital marketing agency we also use the metrics to gauge the rate at which the content is resonating with your target audience.When we offer social media marketing for your business we also access your reach using various parameters. Some of which includes:

  • Number of followers on twitter and Instagram
  • Number of connections on LinkedIn
  • Number of website visitors
  • Like on your Facebook page


When you work with us for a full service digital marketing service we also measure the level of engagement reached. We check different parameters such as the clicks on social media posts, shares, comments and mentions to determine the level of engagement that is attained.

Are You Looking For The Top Social Media Marketing Company In Kolkata?

Has your business not been able to build the required vote of confidence through the social media marketing ? then look no further than Digibrood, we are here to take care of all your social media marketing requirements and help with a better social media presence.

Irrespective of whether you are a startup company or a multi-national company we are here to take care of all your requirements in social media marketing. We are a social media agency that believes in maximum customer satisfaction and thus offer the maximum dedication for your individual project. We create a list of the various requirements and fulfill them to help you reach at the top of the search engines.

Social media platforms in today's time has not only become essential for news and information but also to improve your brand awareness and to help you reach the search engine. So with us by your side for social media marketing you can be sure to get the maximum profit.

Social media usage is growing by the day and thus it is essential to hire the top social media marketing companies to grow exponentially in this internet-driven world. Our social media marketing company offers you with professionals who have extensive knowledge on both B2B and B2C social media marketing tactics that can help you get started on your campaign.

How Are You Benefited By Our Social Media Marketing Services

There is no denying the fact that social media marketing services can offer you with numerous benefits to improve your brand image and brand recognition. We work towards increasing your brand business recognition, traffic and sales at the minimum cost.

Improved Brand Recognition

One of the most essential marketing goals as a company for you will be to gain brand recognition. Social media marketing is one such approach that can help you get a better recognition in the field. We use simple and strategies techniques to draw your audience's attention and make your brand in front of people easily.

Increase In Sales And Conversion Rates

Social media marketing and social media advertising also helps to increase your conversion rates and offer a higher return on investment. With our social media marketing services you can be sure to get higher visibility which in turn help to improve your sales.

Measure Success Rate Through Analytics

We offer you with a dashboard to track the success rate of our social media marketing strategies. This can help you keep a track of the different digital marketing and social media marketing tactics that offer the best results and the ones that need to be changed. Digibrood is one of the best social media agency to work with that can help you measure the success rate on each of the social media platform.

Connect With Your Audience Using Social Listening

Our experts offering social media marketing services help you connect with your audience by monitoring various social conversations on specific topics. This helps to create content that can help resolve the specific issues and determine a tone that can engage such audience.


Social media marketing and social media advertising is one of the most essential parts of digital marketing. We are one of the best social media marketing agencies that offer cost-effective social media marketing and advertising solutions to increase your conversion rates with our fine-tuned strategies.

Better Market Insight

Active presence on social media platforms can help you get a better insight on what the audience actually prefer. Social media marketing demographics work as one of the research tools available. Social media platforms allow you to know what your consumer is looking for by directly communicating with them.

Better Customer Satisfaction

We use social media advertising to humanize you voice and ensure that your customers revive a personalized answer based by interacting with them on a one-to-one basis. We also make sure to offer personalized solutions to the various issues that your consumers might face to ensure that your business is viewed more favorably.

Improves Brand Loyalty

Our social media management team helps to develop a loyal customer base for your brand. This helps to get a better engagement with customers that not only helps to bring in more consumers but also hold them on a long-term basis. Today's generation is attracted towards the influence of your social media marketing strategies thus it is essential to build use social media marketing as well as social media advertising to attract the most influential businesses and customers.

Increase Brand Authority

DigiBrood is a social media advertising and a social media marketing agency that helps build your brand's authority. We communicate with your consumers on a regular basis to increase the credibility of your business and offer valued customer satisfaction. The increased number of satiated customers helps to being out the positive word that helps to spread the word and offer advertising for your products and services.

Increases Inbound Traffic

Social media marketing and advertising is an essential part of digital marketing and thus helps to increase the overall clientele. We post your content on different platforms to ensure that you get a wider customer base from all over the globe. We ensure that your social media platform acts as a gateway for your website so that you may have a better opportunity on accuring potential customers.

What We Include In Our Social Media Marketing Services

We use different social media channels to improve your overall online presence.

Facebook Marketing Services

At DigiBrood we work towards making your brand socially-resourceful and ready for sales. We offer you with different Facebook marketing plans to make your brand easily recognizable and visible. We use tested algorithms to ensure that you get a higher user base at affordable rates.

We offer our services for large, medium and small businesses alike. We are here to offer you with the assistance you need for data-driven Facebook marketing and digital marketing in general.

When you work with a company like ours for your social media requirements you can be sure to get your advertising activities and budgets aligned with your business goals.

Facebook Marketing Strategies We Use To Grow Your Business

We are an agency that helps your business grow by using strategic planning.

We are a digital marketing agency that believes in offering the maximum ROI. So, as a part of our Facebook marketing strategy we analyze your audience thoroughly to bring in more leads and quality traffic to your website.

We are a full service digital marketing agency that includes Facebook Ad designing in the Facebook marketing strategy. We create catchy and attractive ads that can hold your audience's attention and can create a brand image in front of your audience.

Our experts know which Ad format can help your business bloom and thus offer you with various options including slideshows, video ads, photos, carousals and more.

We consider ad copy writing as one of the most essential components of Facebook marketing campaigns. So when we run your ads we make sure that the objective is crystal clear.

What Do We Offer As A Part Of Our Instagram Marketing Services

We are considered as one of the top-tier social media marketing companies in Kolkata and when you hire us for our services we come with a strategic planning that can help you get the maximum revenues through our campaigns.

Our social media marketing team carries out an extensive competitive analysis to find the right audience base. They then use this information to come up with a unique plan to offer the best outcomes.

We monitor all the activities that take place on your Instagram page that includes everything from daily activities to followers to conversions.

We create the most attractive content to attract more and more consumers to your page. Our digital marketing team always comes up with an unique approach as they believe that content is king. This helps to lure in more and more potential customers.

Our social media management team also offers you with a dashboard that allows you to see the progress of the campaigns. So,you can obtain information on the growth in followers, the different metrics and also engagement of the posts.

Instagram Marketing Services

When it comes to Instagram marketing , DigiBrood offers you with best strategies and a team of experts who have the expertise to create campaigns that offer the best results.

The works on different aspects that includes Instagram page growth, Instagram competition analysis, content development, monitoring and more.Our social media management team build, develop and manage your Instagram campaigns whether they are organic or paid.

In recent years Instagram has become a blooming platform of social media and thus our experts use the power of Instagram as a leverage to build your brand quality and image.They also offer your business with long-term goals and effective strategies to ensure maximum growth.

YouTube Marketing Services

Our digital marketing team gathers the required information depending on your specific requirements and put forward a plan that can help your brand grow in the competitive market. As a part of our YouTube marketing services we also include influencer marketing to help your brand grow.

Out of the various social media marketing companies, DigiBrood offer the most effective YouTube promotion services that includes YouTube video SEO, Ad optimization and monitoring channel creation, sound syndication and much more than that.

So if you want to have the right digital assistance to ensure better performance of your business through the most sophisticated marketing plans then go ahead and contact us for the best packages suited to meet your needs.

YouTube Marketing Strategies We Use To Grow Your Business

DiogiBrood is a leading digital marketing agency that follows the most efficient YouTube marketing strategies.

To help you create a more firm hold on social media we start by creating a customized YouTube channel for you. This helps you have a fool-proof marketing experience when you work with us.

We believe in creating strong and effective titles and keywords for your target audience to ensure that there is maximum engagement.

We build our social media strategy to ensure that the videos we offer to your clients inspire them and makes them your loyal client base.

How We Assist You Through Twitter Marketing

Twitter is a leading player in social media marketing. With a clear plan and desirable strategies one can not only build their social media presence but also their overall online presence.

We also include influencer marketing as a part of our twitter marketing strategy. We also help you connect to various eminent personalities who can help your business bloom.

Our social media management team helps to fast-forward your growth by promoting the right posts to your target audience.

The right content strategy can bring the maximum profit and help you reach the right audience. With our tested strategies you are sure to reach new heights.

Twitter Marketing Services

DigiBrood is a digital marketing company that offers you with CMO certified experts who can take care of all your promoting and social media marketing requirements. We offer you with customized plans and strategies and offer follower growth.

Social media is a platform that can help you with the growth of your business and if you are looking for a single, global platform to grow then you can take the aid of Twitter.With us by your side you can also be sure to reap numerous high-quality customers directed straight towards your business.

Pinterest Marketing Services

If you want to create a better hold on the essential social media channels like Pinterest then you can choose DigiBrood as your digital marketing service provider. We offer the most luring pins that can offer you with the best out of your Pinterest investments.

Our social media management team will post luring contents to attract more organic traffic but will also help to promote your startup or your brand. They will also help to redirect traffic to your website as a part of their social media services to bring your brand at the top.

As a part of our social media services we will not only help you produce pinnable images but also help to optimize your profile, follow relevant boards. keep your account updated and much more than that.

LinkedIn Marketing Services

We also include LinkedIn marketing services within our digital marketing services. We offer world-class LinkedIn optimization services that helps attract high-quality traffic to your website.

We have a team of licensed professionals who have gained maximum experience in the social media management and marketing field. They help you with ad strategy development, content development, integrated analytics and more.

If you want to create a firm hold on your online presence then you can choose us as a full service for social media marketing. We start by preparing an effective ad strategy by researching on your competitors and audience to come up with the most effective action plan.

Our social media management team also works towards creating the most informative content and also integrate your LinkedIn profile with different platforms like google analytics that helps you get a better idea about your visitor behavior.

Quora Marketing Services

We include Quora marketing as a part of our social media management and marketing strategy. We carry out profound researches to get the most authentic and reliable traffic on your website.

DigiBrood is a leading social media marketing company that offers the most unique and realistic approach by analyzing the marketplace and the competitors to find the most prompt relevant solutions.

We use Quora marketing for branding your website and to reach your target audience.We post relevant content to not only to boost the brand image but also to boost your individuality. We help create proper business branding to correctly promote various services, products and other essential items and to create a trustworthy value at the same time.

We also offer you with most talented writers who can offer the most exclusive contents with the right weightage of keywords to improve your brand image. We also offer direct links and address to your website to help you bring in more sales.

WhatsApp Marketing Services

Today WhatsApp has become one of the most effective platforms to promote and grow your business online. So we offer you with the most effective campaigns that can help you get a better reach towards your audience.

We not only help you create bulk text messages but also help you create video clips, audios, images and and chat bots. This ensures that you get direct business through your WhatsApp app without having to invest unnecessary time and resources behind it.

We are your digital marketing consultant who can help you reach your target audience and grow as a business. We can help you kick start your presence in social media and also create a firm presence on the social networking sites like WhatsApp that can further help to boost your company at different stages.

Save Time And Generate Better Results By Working With Us

Are you looking to increase your sales or switch up your game? then what are you waiting for? go ahead and hire DigiBrood, one of the best social media marketing agencies that can offer you with an extensive and customer-centric results.

If you are sure about your social media marketing requirements then go ahead and contact us to achieve what you want for your establishment. We are here to meet all your requirements on social media . Here are some of the top reasons why you should choose us for your social media requirements for your target audience.

We Believe In Prioritizing Your Work

With DigiBrood as your digital marketing agency you can relax and let us do all the work for you while you can concentrate on more pressing issues related to your business. So despite of how busy you or your team members may be we are here to offer your business with the required online presence.

We Believe In Offering The Best End Results

We can help you get the best results using your marketing budget and with our social media management team you can be sure to get the maximum benefit from your social media accounts for your business.

We Believe In Offering Real Return On Investment

When you choose us for to work with you towards your social media requirements we work towards offering you the best returns. We work on different aspects of social media advertising and marketing to help you get a better foothold in the industry. Not only do we help you grow your lead numbers but we also work towards boosting your online sales and driving the required traffic to your website.

We Offer A Custom-Made Strategy

We understand that every business is unique and that every business has specific requirements. So we offer you a custom-made plan that can help you tap into your specific audience and bring in more sales. Our social media marketing agency not only offers you with a plan that is suited for your business but also helps to find clients who you never knew existed.

We Work Internationally

DigiBrood is a social media and digital marketing company that helps you build a global clientele.Irrespective of how big or small your business may be you can count on us to make the magic work.

We Have The Best Team Of Experts And Specialists

If you want to get the maximum brand awareness go ahead and choose DigiBrood as we consist of a team of experts who are licensed and trained to management various aspects of social media and digital marketing requirements. In this cluttered world of social media, our experts have the required knowledge and experience to offer the best tactics that can help you find your key audience and build higher engagement to increase your conversation rates.

We Constantly Gather Knowledge

We believe in growing with you and thus we constantly gather knowledge about your client base to ensure that they are entertained. This not only helps to hold on to the existing clients but also helps us find a create a new client base for you.

We Offer Excellence

To us, our reputation and recognition means everything and thus we work towards creating a strong and positive relation with you for your social media requirements. Our main motto is to offer you excellence on a long term basis. As a top digital marketing agency we believe in creating a strong and special bond with you. So what are you waiting for? go ahead and contact us today to get your customized plans for social media channels to rank at the top of the search engines.

Are There Still Certain Questions That You Need Answers To?

Let us solve them for you.

A social media marketing company works as an interface to simplify the interaction between your social-media using consumers and you. They work as a management and guidance center to help your business reach new heights online. They create campaigns, work towards increasing your visitors and conversions and bring in more organic traffic by offering freshly -brewed contents that attracted the particular niche. They take the aid of various social media channels that includes everything from Facebook to Instagram to LinkedIn and more.

There are various social media marketing agencies available in the market today. But it is essential to choose the top-notch companies that can offer the maximum customer-satisfaction and the maximum return on investment. One such company is DigiBrood that offers you with custom-made plans and strategies to boost your online presence.

Primarily a social media marketing agency works on public relations, advertising and creating campaigns. They also take care of all the day-to-day activities to the various social media platforms and carry out extensive research on your competitors and audience to come up with a fool-proof plan. They also use various metrics to keep track of the progress and keeps improving the required content time-to-time to help increase the conversions and to create a larger and loyal customer base.

Some of the leading companies that have made their way through the search engine to rank at the top includes Thrive Internet Marketing Agency and DigiBrood.

The leading social media marketing companies provide the best media marketing services to various establishments irrespective of how big or small they are to help them create a professional presence online. They plan, create, promote and engage with the most organic audience to help improve your overall digital presence.

The social media marketing costs vary from agency to agency. But the top agencies in Kolkata like DigiBrood offer packages that start from as low as 15,000 per month and go up to 40,000 per month.

There are certain skills that your social media marketing agents must be experienced with to help you grow your online presence effectively.Most common ones include great communication skills, uniqueness and creativity, flexibility, great marketing skills and proper content curation. They should also be able to offer you with the required time and a customer-centric approach that will help you surpass your competitors.

The content managing team needs to take care of the editing requirements of the different contents on the different sites. They should also have the required experience and expertise in writing short-form copies that follow the character limit. They are also required to master the skill to offer catchy and attractive captions and contents that will hold your audience's interest.

The leading social media marketing companies offer their services for different social media platforms that not only include Facebook and Instagram but also ranges to LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Quora and Twitter. They offer custom-planned campaigns that helps to create a better following on such platforms to increase your hold online as a brand.

The most essential rule of social media marketing is that one needs to listen to and understand the niche and the requirements of the audience. So, while choosing your media marketing company it is essential that you only hire a team of experts who can actively listen to your audience's requirements and fulfill them efficiently.

What Our Client's say about us

Sarah Jones North Carolina

I contacted the team for social media management of my website. They have done it in an easy, simple, and effective way. The team is easy to work with.

Josh Anderson Florida

DigiBrood understood my requirements and helped with great ideas for social media marketing. They are marketing experts. Thank you team.

Ram Shukla Surat

The team has helped us in marking our presence on social media. We have built a large number of audience. The process was smooth and consistent.


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