Free SEO Audit Report

Struggling to get visitors to your website? The problem may just your website is not Search Engine optimized. Please enter your website URL below for a comprehensive, personalized, and FREE SEO audit report.

Say goodbye to those basic bots. Get a customized manual SEO audit report today and start leading the competition!

Free SEO Audit Report

Struggling to get visitors to your website? The problem may just your website is not Search Engine optimized. Please enter your website URL below for a comprehensive, personalized, and FREE SEO audit report.

Say goodbye to those basic bots. Get a customized manual SEO audit report today and start leading the competition!

Comprehensive SEO Audit

Search engines rely on numerous metrics and factors when ranking websites, such as site speed, meta tags, image quality, in-page linking, mobile-friendliness, indexation, and more.

Each anomaly or less-than-perfect value can severely affect your ranking. Our experts perform a thorough SEO audit to diagnose the underlying problems. This helps us provide actionable strategies to boost your results and draw more visitors.


Manual Website Audit — No Bots

We’re the ONLY SEO agency currently offering a completely manual website audit for free. All other free SEO audit services are automated — they provide instant reports, but they’re often based on dated and inaccurate evaluation metrics.

Our SEO experts understand your website’s unique needs, generate personalized SEO audit reports based on up-to-date information, and walk you through the results over video calls — all for FREE.

Beautiful PDF SEO Audit Reports

We provide beautifully designed, graphically engaging, and concisely worded SEO audit reports. The PDF document will provide actionable tips and strategies to boost your website’s SEO results. The content will be self-explanatory and accompanied by visual cues and graphs.

Furthermore, you can also hop on a video call with our SEO experts — they’ll walk you through the SEO audit report and answer your questions.


More than a SEO Audit Report

We distrust automated SEO checkers, SEO audit tools, and automated bots. Google is incredibly smart and dynamic. The metrics and factors on which Google ranks websites keep changing with time.

Most automated websites can’t keep track of those changes, making bot-driven SEO audit reports obsolete or ineffective. Our manual website audit is performed by SEO experts who stay abreast of the latest developments and provide up-to-date reports.

Benefits of a Manual Website Audit

Bots crawl and report, but they don’t give you that human insights…

Personalized Reports:

Our SEO experts provide personalized SEO audit reports that address your website’s unique needs and goals. That’s because we produce manual SEO reports rather than relying on bots.

Tips & Strategies

Our SEO audit reports contain easy-to-follow and actionable strategies to boost your search engine results. Furthermore, our SEO experts provide accurate instructions on implementing the necessary changes.

Boost Traffic

Our website audit and e-commerce audit services help you climb the ranks of Google and acquire targeted traffic, which, in turn, boosts your sales.

Work with Experts

At our SEO agency, you’ll be working with industry leaders and SEO experts who keep tabs on all search engines to recommend timely and up-to-date strategies.

Our Customers are Thrilled!

Eduardo Canabarro
Eduardo Canabarro@eadcanabarro
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DigiBrood has been a godsend! I had used a bunch of SEO audit tools and worked with numerous website developers to implement their recommendations, but nothing worked. And then I came across DigiBrood… right from the start; the experience was nothing short of brilliant. They did exactly what they said they’d do… they produced custom reports that actually worked!
Jack Golden
Jack Golden@jackgoldn
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They offered solid data, and the SEO expert guided me through all the necessary changes. I also hired their SEO services to implement those changes, and they more than surpassed my expectations. Utterly professional and talented at every stage. I highly recommend working with DigiBrood.
John Doe
John Doe@johndoe
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When I first found out about DigiBrood, I was a little skeptical. They promise to produce manual SEO audit reports and discuss them over video chats for FREE? It sounded too good to be true. Having nothing to lose, I gave it a shot anyway. And what do you know… they actually lived up to their word! Their SEO reports have literally saved my business.
Ezana Bahta
Ezana Bahta@ezana-bahta
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Initially, we only approached DigiBrood because they promised free manual website auditing. However, we were so impressed with the results and efficiency that we continued working with them. Since then our traffic has more than doubled… I couldn’t be happier. Highly recommended!
Nurtaj Sultana
Nurtaj Sultana@nurtajsultana
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I love working with DigiBrood! They’re super professional and efficient. The SEO expert working on my website keeps me updated with the whole process, so I know what’s happening. And their work has shown real results in just a few weeks!
Raphael Marcelo
Raphael Marcelo@raphael
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DigiBrood is by far the best SEO agency I’ve worked with… and I’ve worked with a LOT of SEO agencies. I was instantly impressed by their efficiency in producing a detailed SEO audit report, after which I hired their services on an ongoing basis. They met and then surpassed all my expectations…

Why you Choose DigiBrood for your website SEO?

Ranking on Google and other search engines is harder than ever before. Not too long ago, most people could manipulate search engine results with relative simplicity and without consequences. However, due to constant updates in Google algorithms, it’s increasingly difficult to achieve or maintain a good ranking.

These days, ranking on Google involves numerous factors beyond the quality of your content, services, or offerings. Google rankings are dependent on social factors, on-page content performance, site speed, backlink profile, indexability, and much more. Inadequate attention to any of these metrics can make your website submerge within an avalanche of your competitors.

DigiBrood is led by a team of talented and professional SEO experts. We stay abreast of the latest changes in Google algorithms to ensure your website is always SEO-compliant. We provide free, manual website auditing services to help you understand where your website might be lagging. Following the SEO audit, we extend our SEO services to act on the diagnosis, implement the necessary strategies, and boost your traffic.

Besides addressing all your website’s current problems, our SEO services also help you avoid potential future problems. Please contact our SEO experts to future-proof your website.

Here in DigiBrood SEO Agency, we provides you with a deep and detailed manual website SEO Audit compiled by an SEO experts after analyzing your website. You are not limited by charts filled with stats and data but you will be personally consulted by an SEO expert who will guide you through your Website SEO Audit and help you gain more reach and expand your website which you gain all of completely FREE.

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